Lemuroid 1.11.0

This wanted to be a minor release, but a few important features slipped in, so say hi to Lemuroid 1.11.0.

There are a couple of new platforms, Neo Geo Pocket / Color and Sega CD, but the main focus has been on quality:

  • The disk scanning procedure is now way more robust, especially with cue/bin files
  • Multi-track disks are now properly supported
  • Single gamepads can be disabled (very important when strange TV remotes take the lead)
  • New translations on Crowdin (thank you very much guys!)
  • Nearly every core has been updated to the latest Libretro version
  • Some bugs and crashes have been fixed

Last, but definitely not least, this release also improves on tilt input. This feature was introduced a year ago only for sticks, but after a lot of thinking, I decided to extend it to more controls.

Tilt input improvements

While touch controls are designed to be used with thumbs, physical gamepads allow more simultaneous actions. Let’s take a look at how you shoot in the first Resident Evil game:

  • You keep your right index on R1 to raise your gun
  • You aim using your left thumb on the DPAD
  • You shoot with your right thumb by pressing X

This is basically impossible to achieve with two fingers, but the tilt sensor can act as your third one. If you triple tap together L1 and R1 (or L2 and R2), Lemuroid will calculate the rest position and map left and right tilt motions to L1 and R1 respectively, so you’ll be able to aim just by tilting your device to the right.

This maps very well for many other games. You’ll finally be able to simultaneously shoot and strafe while playing DOOM or shift gears Gran Turismo. Ah, and If you triple tap exactly in the middle of the DPAD you’ll also be able to play Pokemon games with just one hand. Please give it a go, I’m eager to hear your feedback.

Thank you Supporters

I’d also take the opportunity to thank all the people who supported and are supporting Lemuroid. It’s great to see that people genuinely appreciate the 18 months of work I’ve put into this project and decided to give something back. You guys are awesome!