Lemuroid 1.13.0

It’s finally time for a new Lemuroid release. It took a while, but I promise you 1.13.0 was worth the wait.

There are three main changes:

  • New Material You UI: The UI now follows the new Material You guidelines, and if you own an Android 12 device, will change style depending on your background.
  • Beta Support for 3DS: The Libretro guys recently polished and updated the Citra core, and porting it to Android was quite straightforward. It’s still pretty barebone and deprived of settings, but already serviceable.
  • Direct Load: Some changes to cores were required, but now Lemuroid is able to load games directly from storage, without copying them to the cache directory. This means that PSX, PSP and 3DS games, which are usually quite big, load instantly when not compressed.

If that’s not enough, here’s a list of smaller changes:

  • Add support for external keyboards
  • Add support for gamepad and device rumble
  • Opening game menu now requires a long press
  • Slight improvements to touch controls layout and behaviour
  • Expose sync save button
  • Update all cores and game database
  • More fixes

The update will be shortly available on Google Play, Github and F-Droid.