Lemuroid 1.6.0 with many improvements

Finally! I’m very happy to announce Lemuroid 1.6.0, with nothing particularly shiny but many many quality of life improvement, especially for PSX and Android TV:

  • Added support for chd and cue/bin format (PSX)
  • Added support for multi-disk games with m3u playlists (PSX)
  • Added support for favorites on Android TV
  • Improved LCD filter which now looks sharper
  • Allow changing display filter (Smooth, Sharp, LCD or CRT)
  • Improved scanning performances (on my directory it’s around 3 times faster)
  • Cores are now bundled within the application (read afterwards for details)
  • Many small tweaks and improvements

You’ll find the update on Google Play or Github.

A lot of work went into the scanner, which is now able to handle bin/cue files and m3u playlists for multi-disk games. This should make the majority of PSX ROMs compatible with Lemuroid.

Another heavily requested feature by the community was a sharper image filtering. The default bilinear filtering doesn’t always look good, especially on TVs when using the LCD shader. The nearest neighbour filtering has its own set of issues when scaling by non integer factors, causing inconsistent pixel sizes throughout the image. The best solution I found is a sharper bilinear filtering by sampling pixels in a smarter way. Try it out and let me know what you think!

Why are cores now bundled within Lemuroid? Because Google Play blocked updates for Retroarch for downloading untrusted executable code. Lemuroid did the same and it’s a real security concern, so after a few failed attempts with Dynamic Features, I decided to bundle cores with Lemuroid. This increased the download size from 6Mb to around 25Mb but should make it compliant.

And that’s all the news this month, excluding that Lemuroid was removed and reinstantiated on Google Play for an mysterious policy violation, the hacker attack to the Libretro servers and the guy who tried to sell GBA games using a Lemuroid clone.

Yeah. It was a quiet month…

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