Lemuroid 1.7.1 with fast-forward and quality

This last month I’ve been very busy drafting the release of 1.7.0, and later 1.7.1 for bonus bug fixing.

The biggest work went towards redesigning audio, which now runs on a separate thread and reduces glitches by imperceptibly accelerating and decelerating playback speed. This can’t make up for weak hardware running modern consoles, but it surely improves one of the biggest issues affecting Lemuroid. I’ll probably write a separate blog post about this. It was a very interesting and challenging problem.

The second most important change is fast-forward support. The most requested feature is here, and you can finally farm at double speed.

Something else happened in this release. It’s the first time Lemuroid (and LibretroDroid) received non-trivial external contributions, so a big thank you goes to Roberto and Tyler for their efforts.

And now for dessert, a lengthy changelog:

  • Add fast-forward option
  • Add mute option
  • Reimplemented audio from scratch to be more robust to glitches
  • Fix potential crash when loading PSP games
  • Fix screen flickering with some PSP games
  • Fix crash while playing Drill Dozer on GBA
  • Change n64 resolution to the original 320x240
  • Exposed dynamic recompiler option for PSX (Enable it for better performances)
  • Updated games database
  • Fix issues with some PSP games running too fast
  • Fix missing trigger events with some gamepads
  • Fix missing gamepads events in some scenarios
  • Fix wrong aspect ratio with Genesis games
  • Improved error handling with clearer messages
  • Small fixes and improvements

A big thank you to the people who are supporting Lemuroid with code, donations, and testing. You’ve been amazing.