Lemuroid 1.8.0 with MelonDS and MAME2003-Plus

Hello fellow readers,

To celebrate the first year of Lemuroid, I’ve published a new version with two major features: improved Nintendo DS emulation (with MelonDS) and MAME 0.78 support (with MAME2003Plus).

For almost a year we survived using DeSmuME, but now that MelonDS has made some huge steps forward with version 0.9, including a dynamic recompiler for 64bit CPUs and many optimizations, it’s time for some changes.

I submitted a few patches to fix the Android port, added some firmware emulation options, and integrated the Drastic open-source BIOSes. Add a few of bug-fixes on top and stir for a month of tests and you’ll get a Nintendo DS emulator that is twice as fast.

We really need to thank Arisotura and her team. They worked very hard on the project, but we can finally enjoy a great open-source DS emulator on Android.

Some of my patches are still waiting for an upstream approval, but rest assured, as soon as these are merged you’ll be able to reap the benefits also in RetroArch.

The integration of MAME2003 Plus was a lot more straightforward, requiring only some slight changes to LibretroDroid.

Since we’re talking about big news: Lemuroid is also available on F-Droid. It’s a special version deprived of every Google library, which also downloads cores on demand.

Here you can find a complete changelog of Lemuroid 1.8.0:

  • New Nintendo DS core (MelonDS)
    • ~2x the performances of DeSmuME
    • Saves and States are not compatible with DeSmuME
    • Enable it from Settings -> Change Cores -> MelonDS
  • Add support for MAME2003 Plus core
    • Support MAME 0.78 romsets
    • Use full non-merged ROMs for auto-detection
  • Redesigned game menu Improved
  • Improved touch controls customization experience
  • Improved Arcade and MD/Genesis gamepad layouts
  • Fix possible crash when saving/loading games (thanks you Nicholas)
  • Fix directory scanning on Chromecast with Google TV (thank you vicviper74)
  • Many more tiny changes

As always, huge thanks to all the people who are supporting Lemuroid through tests, feedbacks or donations.