Welcome Lemuroid!

This year brought the first stable release of my new pet project: Libretro Emulator for Android, or in short… Lemuroid!

It’s a very simple to use, nice looking, native, Android friendly application which leverages Libretro to emulate all your favourite consoles:

  • Nintendo (NES)
  • Super Nintendo (SNES)
  • Game Boy (GB)
  • Game Boy Color (GBC)
  • Game Boy Advance (GBA)
  • Sega Genesis (aka Megadrive)
  • Sega Master System (SMS)
  • Nintendo 64 (N64)
  • PlayStation Portable (PSP)
  • Arcade (FinalBurn Neo)
  • Nintendo DS (NDS)

Lemuroid scans your roms directory to detect compatible games, automatically downloads covers and lets you play with customized touch controls or an external gamepad. It supports autosave, save states and screen simulation shaders (CRT or LCD) to replicate some of the original feeling.

You can find the source code on Github and install it from Google Play.

Many thanks to all the testers that went through alpha and beta, you have been amazing!